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Ctain conditions (such as athitis), it may tak up ttwwks taking this dug gulaly until you gt th ull bnit.

Ask you doctbusing an antacid, and us only th typ you doctcommnds. Som antacids can mak it had you body tabsob Alv.

Napoxn is associatd with sval suspctd pobabl intactions that act th action oth dugs. Th most common dug intactions includ.

This dug may mak you dizzy dowsy. Alcohol maijuana can mak you mdizzy dowsy. Dnot div, us machiny, danything that nds altnss until you can dit saly. Talk tyou docti you a using maijuana.

Alv (napoxn) is a nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dug (NSAID). Napoxn woks by ducing homons that caus inlammation and pain in th body.

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