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Reduced levels of ciclosporinmycophenolate mofetil and tacrolimus have been reported in transplant patients when coadministered with sevelamer hydrochloride without any clinical consequencesi.e graft rejectionThe possibility of an interaction cannot be excluded and a close monitoring of blood concentrations of mycophenolate mofetilciclosporin and tacrolimus should be considered during the use of combination and after its withdrawal.

Renagel must not be used in people with hypophosphataemialow blood phosphate levelsor with bowel obstructiona blockage in the gut

UseTo control serum phosphorus levels in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis.

Patients with renal insufficiency may develop hypocalcaemia or hypercalcaemiaRenagel does not contain calciumSerum calcium levels should be monitored as is done in normal follow-up of a dialysis patientElemental calcium should be given as a supplement in case of hypocalcaemia.

Renagel is used to control phosphorus levels in people with chronic kidney disease who are on dialysis.

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renagel is an expensive prescription binder used only if cats cannot tolerate the aluminum and calcium binders.

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