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There are no adequate studies on the use of doxycycline in pregnant women.

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Information about Doxycycline.

In acute intestinal amebiasisdoxycycline may be a useful adjunct to amebicides.

Taking doxycycline with certain medications raises your risk of side effects from these drugsAn example of a drug that could cause this type of interaction is:

Doxycycline is a prescription antibiotic medication indicated for the treatment of the following infections and diseasesRocky Mountain spotted fevertyphus fever and the typhus groupQ feverrickettsialpoxand tick feversrespiratory tract infectionsurinary tract infectionslymphogranuloma venereumpsittacosisornithosistrachomainclusion conjunctivitisuncomplicated urethral/endocervical/rectal infections in adultsnongonococcal urethritisrelapsing feverchancroidplaguetularemiacholeracampylobacter fetusbrucellosisbartonellosisgranuloma inguinaleEscherichia colienterobacter aerogenesShigella speciesAcinetobacter speciesanthraxUncomplicated gonorrheaSyphilisYawsListeriosisVincent’s infectionActinomycosisand infections caused by Clostridium species.

This document does not contain all possible interactionsThereforebefore using this producttell your doctor or pharmacist of all the products you useKeep a list of all your medications with youand share the list with your doctor and pharmacistCheck with your physician if you have health questions or concerns.

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