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Suicidal thoughts self-endangering behaviour severe anxiety feelings of mistrust towards othersparanoiaseeing or hearing things that are not therehallucinationsnightmaresabnormal dreams insomnia depression feeling restless unusual behaviour feeling confused.

To help minimise your chance of catching the disease and to protect you from possible serious side effects it is important that you read this leaflet carefullyAsk your doctor to explain anything you do not understand.

Lariam is a medicine used to treat malariaa disease caused by parasitesLariam works by interfering with the growth of parasites in the red blood cells of the human body.

It is essential that you follow the recommendations given for taking the tablets.

Howeveryour doctor may prescribe mefloquine to treat malaria even if you do have any of the conditions listed above.

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one 250 mg lariam mefloquine tablet should be taken once weekly in pediatric patients weighing over 45 kg.

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