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AntipsykotikaantipsykotikumnevroleptikumnevroleptikaLegemiddel mot psykoserI psykiatrien brukes benevnelsen antipsykotika synonymt med nevroleptika eller psykoleptika.

Labetalol hydrochlorideHClis a racemate chemically designated as 2-hydroxy-51-hydroxy-21-methyl-3-phenylpropyl)amino]ethyl]benzamide monohydrochlorideand it has the following structure:

This drug may rarely cause seriousrarely fatalliver diseaseIf you notice any of the following rare but serious side effectsseek immediate medical attentionpersistent nausea/vomitingsevere stomach/abdominal painyellowing eyes/skindark urine.

This drug may reduce blood flow to your hands and feetcausing them to feel coldSmoking may worsen this effectDress warmly and avoid tobacco use.

Asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseCOPDcertain serious heart conditions such as”AV blockor slow heart rhythmor conditions that cause very low blood pressure.

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